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Welcome to Valere

Our mission is to assist our clients in the reversal of their chronic diseases naturally within a motivational, inspirational and educational framework.

2105 Mastin Lake Road-O Huntsville, AL, 35810

United States

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Email: info@valere.life

Who we Are?

We are an Alternative Health Center that provides preventative health, as well as restorative health services which are designed to address a variety of health disorders that many individuals are faced with today.

Valere (va’ lere) is a Latin word which means “to be strong, be well, be healthy.” This name defines and embodies how I personally choose to live my life and fuels my passion, and purpose to inspire others to live a Valere life as well. We are Valere, I am Valere, don’t just have life, live life, Valere.life

Health Classes

Sessions comprised of slide presentations, juicing demonstrations, and instructions

Live Events

Discover how to reverse chronic diseases naturally, and the keys to Optimal Health & Happiness

Health Products

Our herbal therapy and supplementation products that promote healthy living

Let us show you nature's path to health and wellness

Providing preventative and restorative health services

Our 90 Day Applied Lifestyle Medicine Program.

The 90 day Applied Lifestyle Medicine Program offers evidence based complementary health approaches which facilitates the healing of lifestyle related chronic diseases. Complementary Health Approaches (CHA) refer to interventions that can be used with conventional medical interventions and thus complement them. We will provide you with a 90 day personal health protocol. Our Applied Lifestyle Medicine and Complementary Health Approaches includes:

Supplemental Therapies

Herbal Therapies

Condition/Disease Specific Raw Juice Therapies

Condition/Disease Specific Diet & Lifestyle Therapies

Cleansing and Detoxification Therapies

Exercise and Physical Therapies

Therapeutic Applications

Health and Wellness Coaching

Why choose us.

Individualized Approach
Each client is given one on one consultation
High Quality
We formulate high potency herbal formulas for maximum results
Health Professionals
20+ years of experience in natural health and wellness and 30+ years in conventional medicine
Educational Classes
Simple to understand demonstrations and instructions

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