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Mind Cure

Mind Cure

Health does not come by chance but by choice. The one who wishes to be well must first think well. 90 % of living a healthy lifestyle and achieve healthy goals is mental. On the contrary, 90% of the diseases of our land find their birthplace in the mind of many of the sick. “Sickness of mind prevails everywhere. Nine tenths of the diseases from which men suffer have their foundation here.” Mind Character and Personality p. 59.2 By Ellen G. White

Sickness can originate in the mind whether consciously or ignorantly but the fruit in with it produces ripens to sickness just the some. One will relish a health-destroying meal with great pleasure and joy but when asked to cleanse, juice fresh fruits and vegetables, detoxify their body and eat health-restoring foods a frown possesses the countenance as if this is something strange and uninviting. An individual must be transformed by the renewing of their mind before any true health and healing can take place. Health is a great treasure, one that should be passionately sought for and cherished. What is expressed here is not just an individual experiencing life but experiencing it “more abundantly,” optimal health, as it is often referred to among health and wellness enthusiast.  To heal your body, one must first heal their mind.


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